About Us

Paw Prints is a collection of interesting and humorous trivia about people, animals, places and more.


When was Paw Prints born?

Paw Prints was begun in 1997 as a “playground” for web development skills training. It has grown over the years to thousands of pages but is still used primarily to practice Web-building skills and to share humorous stories with friends and family.

Why the name “Paw Prints”?

When the site was first conceived, Kasha Linka wanted a name that would reflect her love of animals and give a sense of being on a journey. Paw Prints seemed to fit the bill. When we were finally able to acquire a domain name, we were very disappointed to find out that pawprints.com was already taken. But kashalinka.com has a nice ring, don’t you think?

Over the years, we have received many inquiries about “real” paw prints and how to find them. We try our best to provide answers to these requests, but really don't know any more about animal paw prints than you do. If you’re an expert, let us know. We’ll feature you on our site. Believe me, there’s a definite interest in this subject.

Who is Kasha Linka?

Kasha Linka is a linguist, graphic designer, web developer, nature photographer, trivia maniac, joke lover, and companion to all kinds of critters—human and non.

Who are Rosie and Honey?

Rosie was a cocka-poo (that’s a mixture of cocker spaniel and poodle) who lived with us for almost 20 years. And Honey was a “backyard” dog who looked amazingly like a cocka-poo. They got along famously with each other and with us.

Who is Cocoa?

Cocoa was a rescue dog...a very small (3.5 pounds!) — but big-hearted — chihuahua who filled our lives with love and smiles for over 8 years.

Who is Lucy?

We currently share our home with a playful chiweenie (Lucy). Lucy was found on a lonely mountain road, abandoned by her previous owners. Yeah...we’ve gone over to the chihuahua camp. I don’t know how this happened but I do know that life is better when you get your licks from furry creatures.