Babe Ruth


Babe Ruth


Babe Ruth was enormously popular, a larger-than-life-size figure in many respects, given to overeating and overdrinking. The most notorious occasion was in the course of preseason training when, on a railroad ride to New York, the Babe got off at a train stop and consumed an estimated twelve hot dogs and eight bottles of lemon-lime soda pop in a few minutes. Soon afterward he was stricken with “the stomach ache heard ’round the world.” For days ominous headlines had his fans across the country fearing for his life. Recovering, Ruth is reported to have said, “That soda pop will get you every time.”

Biographical Note: 

Babe Ruth with daughter, JuliaGeorge Herman “Babe” Ruth was a U.S. baseball player. In 1927 he hit sixty home runs — a record unbroken until 1961.


More Information: 

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