Bernard Law Montgomery


Bernard L. Montgomery

Anecdote 1...

In 1944 , chief of the imperial general staff and later to become first Viscount Alanbrooke, remarked to that Montgomery was “a very good soldier, but I think he is after my job.” Replied the king, “I thought he was after mine.”


To us is given the honor of striking a blow for freedom which will live in history and in better days that lie ahead men will speak with pride of our doings.

~Bernard L. Montgomery

Anecdote 2...

Montgomery carried his flair for the dramatic into civilian life. One day during a sitting of the House of Lords, he turned to the man next to him and, with his expression unruffled and voice calm, said, “Excuse me, but I’m having a coronary thrombosis.” Then he rose and left the room to look for medical attention.

(The doctors discovered that he had indeed suffered a heart attack.)

Biographical Note: 

Bernard L. Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, was a British field marshal, nicknamed “Monty.” In World War II he commanded the Eighth Army in North Africa, winning a decisive victory over the Germans under

at El Alamein (1942). He was among the most decorated military leaders of World War II.