Bishop Milton Wright


Bishop Milton Wright


One day the Bishop Wright was discussing philosophy with a college professor. The bishop’s opinion was that the millennium was at hand. As evidence, he cited the fact that everything about nature had already been discovered and that all useful inventions had already been made.

The professor politely told the bishop that he was mistaken. “Why, in a few years,” he said, “we’ll be able to fly through the air.”

“What a nonsensical idea,” Bishop Wright said. “Flight,” he assured the professor, “is reserved for the birds and the angels.”

Wright Family Album...

Photos of Bishop Wright with his family and friends.

Biographical Note: 

Bishop Milton Wright was a U.S. Bishop of the United Brethren church in the late nineteenth century. He and his wife, Susan Catharine, had four sons and one daughter. He was a firm disciplinarian but encouraged his children to pursue intellectual interests.