Catharine Maria Sedgwick


Catharine Maria Sedgwick


Like most Sedgwicks, Catharine was very fond of her native town, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where the burial markers of the clan are arranged in concentric circles known as the Sedgwick Pie. Someone once remarked to Miss Sedgwick that she spoke about Stockbridge as if it were heaven. “I expect no very violent transition,” she replied

Biographical Note: 

Catharine Maria Sedgwick was a U.S. writer. She was a prolific writer and is important for her participation in the creation of a national literature. Both the extensive descriptions of nature and the subject matter of her novel Hope Leslie are specifically American. Sedgwick allows her heroines to defy female norms conventional both in life and literature. Sedgwick does not make women merely the means of alliance between men, but she puts them at the center of her novel, rather than on the margins.

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