Cecil B. DeMille


Cecil B. DeMille


When told that investors were becoming “concerned” about the rising cost of his film, DeMille replied:

“What do they want me to do? Stop now and release it as the ‘The Five Commandments’? Money should not be an object when creating a Bible epic.”


Remember youre a star. Never go across the alley even to dump garbage unless you are dressed to the teeth.

~Cecil B. DeMille
Biographical Note: 

DeMille was a U.S. director, producer, writer, and actor. He is one of the most successful filmmakers of all time and was famous for his grand epics, including The Ten Commandments (1923 and 1956), The Greatest Show on Earth (1952), and Cleopatra (1934). He championed the switch from short to feature-length films and is often credited with making Hollywood the motion picture capital of the world. He produced and directed 70 films and was involved in many more.