Charles Townsend Copeland


Charles Townsend Copeland


For many years Copeland used a couple of cramped and inconvenient rooms on the top floor of Harvard’s Hollis Hall. He resisted all attempts to move him to more spacious accommodations, maintaining that the top floor suited him perfectly. “It’s the only place in Cambridge where God alone is above me. He’s busy—but he’s quiet.”

Harvard Recollections

illustration of CopelandThe archetype of the [pedagogical staff at Harvard] was Charles T. Copeland, A.B. 1882, who rose from instructor to Boylston professor of rhetoric and oratory. “The lads flocked to him,” wrote Samuel Eliot Morison of “Copey,” caricatured [on the right], “and no Harvard instructor has ever accumulated so devoted a following as his.” Source

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Copeland was a U.S. educator. A greatly beloved professor of English at Harvard from 1925, he was known for his translations from the classics.

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I found very little about about Charles Copeland on the Web, which is a real shame, because he sounds like an interesting man. However, you can purchase his biography, Copey of Harvard: A Biography of Charles Townsend Copeland, from