Erle Stanley Gardner


Erle Stanley Gardner


In the early days of his career, Gardner churned out stories for pulp magazines at the rate of 200,000 words a month. As he was paid by the word, the length of the story was more important to him than its quality, and he tended to draw the maximum potential from every incident. His villains, for example, were always killed by the last bullet in the gun. Gardner’s editor once asked him why his heroes were always so careless with their first five shots. “At three cents a word,” replied Gardner, “every time I say bang in the story I get three cents. If you think I’m going to finish the gun battle while my hero has got fifteen cents’ worth of unexploded ammunition in his gun, you’re nuts.”


The reason men dont know the law of life is because theyre afraid to look Eternity in the face.

~Erle Stanley Gardner
Biographical Note: 

Erle Stanley Gardner was a U.S. lawyer and writer of detective stories. His best-known character is lawyer-detective Perry Mason, who features in some 80 novels, including The Case of the Velvet Claws (1933) and The Case of the Duplicate Daughter (1960).