Ferdinand Foch


Ferdinand Foch

Anecdote 1...

A young officer has been disciplined by his colonel for showing fear in battle. When Foch learned of the incident, however, he chose to reprimand the colonel rather than the officer. “None but a coward,” he said, “dares to boast that he has never known fear.”


The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

~Ferdinand Foch

Anecdote 2...

An American once complained to Marshal Foch about the insincere politeness of the French. “There is nothing in it but wind,” he said.

Ferdinand Foch

“There is nothing but wind in a tire,” replied Foch, “but it makes riding in a car very smooth and pleasant.”

Biographical Note: 

Ferdinand Foch was a French marshal. As commander of the French forces at the start of World War I, he was mainly responsible for the Allied victory at Ypres (1915). In 1918 as commander in chief of the Allied armies he led the decisive movement that forced the Germans back to the Rhine and final defeat.

More Information: 

See a charming illustration of Marshal Foch by Scott Galley, an illustrator for The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Read more about Foch on the “Who’s Who” in World War I website.