George Cadbury


George Cadbury


When King George V and Queen Mary visited the Cadbury works, George Cadbury led the way with the queen while his wife walked behind with the king. Cadbury had removed his hat as a mark of respect for royalty. It was, however, very cold, and Queen Mary was concerned lest the old man should get a chill. “Mr. Cadbury, please put on your hat,” she said. George Cadbury demurred. “Please, Mr. Cadbury—or I'll ask the king to command you to do so!” Her host still hesitated. George and his wife Dame Elizabeth CadburyThen from behind them came the ringing tones of Elizabeth Cadbury: “George, put your hat on.” He did.

Biographical Note: 

George Cadbury was a British Quaker, cocoa manufacturer, and social reformer. He initiated substantial improvements in the housing and working conditions of his employees.

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