George Frideric Handel


George Frideric Handel


The famous soprano , who came to England in 1722, treated Handel to a display of prima-donna temperament by refusing to sing the song that he had written for her London debut. Handel picked her up bodily and threatened to drop her out of the nearby window unless she did as she was told.

She sang the song.


Whether I was in my body or out of my body as I wrote it I know not. God knows.

~George Frideric Handel
Biographical Note: 

George Frideric Handel was a German composer, who lived in England after 1712. He received numerous royal commissions and became the first director of the Royal Academy of Music (1720) His Italian operas were highly acclaimed. After 1739 he turned to writing oratorios with equal success; his most famous work in this genre is Messiah (1742). His large and varied output also included much chamber music. Beethoven once said of Handel: “Handel is the greatest composer who ever lived. I would bare my head and kneel at his grave.”