George Rogers Clark


George Rogers Clark


Impoverished and crippled, Clark applied to the Virginia legislature for a military pension. He was sent a ceremonial sword in token of his many heroic exploits. “When Virginia needed a sword, I gave her one. Now she sends me a toy,” the old hero said. “I want bread.” So saying, he broke the sword in two with his crutch.

Biographical Note: 

Clark was a U.S. soldier during the Revolutionary War. He organized the defense of the Ohio area against English forces and their Indian allies during the Revolution. Clark received no pay during this period, and the Virginia legislature never reimbursed him for his expenses, so that his later life was harassed by debt. In 1786 he was relieved of his military command through the misrepresentations of a subordinate, and spent the rest of his life in embittered retirement.

More Information: 

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