George Santayana


George Santayana


When Santayana came into a sizable legacy, he was able to relinquish his post on the Harvard faculty. The classroom was packed for his final appearance and Santayana did himself proud. He was about to conclude his remarks when he caught sight of a forsythia beginning to blossom in a patch of muddy snow outside the window. He stopped abruptly, picked up his hat, gloves, and walking stick, and made for the door. There he turned. “Gentlemen,” he said softly, “I shall not be able to finish that sentence. I have just discovered that I have an appointment with April.”


Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

~George Santayana

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Biographical Note: 

George Santayana was a Spanish-born philosopher and poet. He spent many years at Harvard (1889–1911) and at Oxford. His philosophy is best set out in the four-volume Realms of Being (1927–40).