Greta Garbo


Greta Garbo


“I often wondered if something of [vertigo] had overcome Garbo at the pinnacle of her career, so seeing her before me, carefree and happy, munching away contentedly with the rain cascading off the table, I decided it might be a propitious moment to try and find out.

“ ‘Why did you give up the movies?’ I asked.

“She considered her answer so carefully that I wondered if she had decided to ignore my personal question. At last, almost to herself, she said, ‘I had made enough faces.’ ”

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I never said, ‘I want to be alone.’ I only said, ‘I want to be left alone.’ There is all the difference.”

~Greta Garbo
Biographical Note: 

Greta Garbo was a Swedish film actress. Garbo was born Greta Louisa Gustafsson and was widely acclaimed for her beauty. Her films include “Flesh and the Devil” (1927), “Grand Hotel” (1932), and “Anna Karenina” (1935). She retired from the film world in 1941.