Helen Hayes


Helen Hayes


As she retired to the kitchen to put the finishing touches to the dinner preparations, Helen Hayes warned her family: “This is the first turkey I’ve ever cooked. If it isn’t right, I don’t want anybody to say a word. We’ll just get up from the table, without comment, and go down to the hotel for dinner.” She returned some ten minutes later to find the family seated expectantly at the dinner table — wearing their hats and coats.


Age is not important unless youre a cheese.

~Helen Hayes

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Biographical Note: 
Helen Hayes

Helen Hayes was a U.S. actress, acclaimed for her work on stage, screen, radio, and television. She was known as America’s premier actress and dubbed, “First Lady of the Theatre.” She is perhaps best known for her performance in the title role of Laurence Housman’s Victoria Regina. She was the first actress to win an Academy Award in two categories: Best Actress (1931) and Best Supporting Actress (1970).

Actor Dean Jones once commented that “Helen Hayes’ life and career shine like a beacon from a barren shore — an inspiration to anyone, in any profession, who believes that integrity does not have to be sacrificed for success.”