Hetty Green


Hetty Green


Mrs. Green’s most faithful friend was a mongrel dog, which had the unfortunate habit of biting her visitors. Most of the dog’s victims, anxious not to offend the rich woman, tolerated the animal, but one friend had had enough. “Hetty,” she said reproachfully, “that dog just bit me again. You’ve got to get rid of him.”

Hetty Green with her dog Curtis

Hetty refused. “He loves me,” she explained, “and he doesn’t know how rich I am.”

Biographical Note: 

Hetty (Henrietta Howland) Green was a U.S. multimillionairess. Adjusted for today’s dollars, she is the richest American woman in history. She was famous for her eccentric behavior. Her reclusive lifestyle and shrewd investment technique earned her the nickname “the Witch of Wall Street.”