Isabella Stewart Gardner


Isabella Stewart Gardner


Isabella Stewart of New York never thought much about ancestry until she married into the Gardner family of Boston. In Boston, she endured a good deal of fairly dull conversation on the subject, so, eventually, she had her Stewart descent traced directly back — all the way to King Fergus I of Scotland, a contemporary of Alexander the Great! ... After having the Stewart lineage engrossed and illuminated in colors on a long scroll, Isabella Stewart Gardner was in a position to make one of her famous, much-quoted remarks. She had listened to a monologue by a Boston dowager concerning that lady’s American Revolutionary ancestry. “Ah yes,” said Isabella. “They were much less careful about immigration in those days, I believe.”

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Isabella Stewart Gardner was a U.S. social leader, art collector and one of the foremost female patrons of the arts.

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View her travel albums online. These interesting pages contain correspondence and photographs, music manuscripts and diaries. They are fascinating.

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The image above is called “Isabella Stewart Gardner” (1888). It was painted by John Singer Sargent.