Louis Untermeyer


Louis Untermeyer


Untermeyer once returned his speaker’s fee to a small and impoverished group and told them to put the money to good use. A little while later, he inquired about what “good use” they had found for the money and was told that they had put it into a “fund to get better speakers next year.”


Nothing but blackness above
And nothing that moves but the cars...
God, if you wish for our love,
Fling us a handful of stars!

~Louis Untermeyer, Caliban in the Coal Mines
Biographical Note: 

Louis Untermeyer was a U.S. poet, writer, and anthologist. Untermeyer produced many volumes of poetry and critical writings. But he is best known for editing a number of poetry anthologies, including Modern American Poetry (1919), Modern British Poetry (1920), This Singing World (1923), Fifty Modern American and British Poets: 1920–1970 (1973), among others. The high quality of his own poetry and his talent as a parodist are best represented in his Selected Poems and Parodies (1935). His prose works include Lives of the Poets (1960) and several volumes of criticism.