Louisa May Alcott


Louisa May Alcott


When Miss Alcott became a celebrity, she often found her fame tiresome. A supporter of the fight for women’s suffrage, she attended the Women’s Congress in Syracuse, where she was accosted by an effusive admirer. “If you ever come to Oshkosh,” said the lady, “your feet will not be allowed to touch the ground: you will be borne in the arms of the people. Will you come?”

“Never,” replied Miss Alcott.


I asked for bread, and I got a stone in the shape of a pedestal.

~Louisa May Alcott

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Biographical Note: 

Louisa May Alcott was a U.S. novelist. She wrote well over a dozen books, as well as many poems, stories, and essays. Perhaps her most well-known novel is Little Women (1869), one in a three-book series about her family. She first turned to writing to support her family, impoverished by the unworldliness of her father, Bronson Alcott. Even now, over 100 years after her death, she has books on the bestseller list. She has also had a crater on Venus named after her.