Lyndon Baines Johnson


Lyndon Baines Johnson

Anecdote 1...

LBJ had a vast store of preacher stories. One of his favorites was about the clergyman who dropped his sermon notes while heading for church and couldn’t retrieve them before the dog chewed them up. “When the preacher went into the pulpit,” said LBJ, “he apologized to his congregation and said, ‘I am very sorry, today I have no sermon. I will just have to speak as the Lord directs. But I will try to do better next Sunday.’ ”

Anecdote 2...

“What’s the hurry?” one Senator complained to another when the hard-driving Majority Leader, Lyndon Johnson, kept the Senate working late. “After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“No,” sighed the other Senator, “but Lyndon Johnson wasn’t foreman on that job.”

LBJ Photos & Pets

The Portrait Gallery
Lyndon Johnson
ca. 1963-1969
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Library Collection
LBJ and Abe Fortas
Johnson & Abe Fortas
The Portrait Gallery
ca. 1965
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Library Collection
LBJ singing with Yuki
President Lyndon Johnson and his beloved Yuki liked to perform in the Oval Office. Yuki was found at a Texas gas station by Johnson’s daughter Luci. He was one of the President’s favorite dogs. President Johnson also had two beagles which he named Him and Her!
LBJ with Him & Her
President Lyndon B.
Johnson (1963-68) receives a greeting from his beagles, Him and Her. Johnson’s beagles made the cover of Life magazine.
LBJ with Freckles & Kim
Lyndon Johnson holds his pet beagles, “Freckles” and “Kim.”
Biographical Note: 

Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) was a U.S statesman; 36th president of the United States (1963-69). Succeeding to the presidency after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Johnson initiated his Great Society program to stimulate economic growth and promote civil rights legislation. His administration, however, lost popularity as Americans increasingly rejected involvement in the Vietnam War. Johnson liked to remind people that he was the first Texan to get to the White House.

More Information: 

The two anecdotes above about Lyndon Johnson were taken from Presidential Anecdotes by Paul F Boller, Jr.