Marie Curie


Marie Curie


An American newspaperman tracked the Curies down to the remote cottage in Brittany where they were vacationing. He found a rather dowdy woman sitting outside the door. “Are you the housekeeper?” he began.


“Is your mistress inside?”


“Will she be back soon?”

“I don’t think so.”

The reporter sat down. “Can you tell me something confidential about your mistress?” he went on.

“Madame Curie has only one message that she likes to be given to reporters,” said Marie Curie. “That is: be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.”


Have no fear of perfection; youll never reach it.

~Marie Curie
Biographical Note: 

Marie Curie was a Polish chemist. She emigrated to France in 1891 and after studying at the Sorbonne married (1895) a French physicist, Pierre Curie. In 1903 she shared the 1903 Nobel Prize for physics with the discoverer of radioactivity, Henry Becquerel. Marie Curie also isolated the highly radioactive element polonium, for which she won the 1911 Nobel Prize for chemistry. She died from the effects of the radiation to which she had been exposed.