Marquis de Lafayette


Marquis de Lafayette


The harvest of 1783 was a poor one, but the bailiffs of Lafayette's estates at Chavaniac had managed to fill the barns with wheat. “The bad harvest has raised the price of wheat,” said the bailiff. “This is the time to sell.” Lafayette thought about the hungry peasants in the surrounding villages. “No,” he replied, “this is the time to give.”


Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country.

~Marquis de Lafayette
Biographical Note: 

Marquis de Lafayette (Marie Joseph Gilbert du Motier) was a French general and politician. In 1777 he joined the American Revolution and became a great friend of George Washington. Known as the “hero of both worlds,” he returned to France, where as a committed liberal he helped to found the revolutionary National Assembly. In 1792, he was forced to defect to Austria, where he was kept prisoner until Napoleon insisted on his return in 1799. Always a man of great influence, he commanded the national guard that helped to install Louis-Philippe on the French throne in 1830.