Noël Coward


Noël Coward


Coward was strolling around an art exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London when a friend rushed up to him with an invitation to dinner. Noël politely declined, explaining that he was about to leave for Jamaica. “When will you be back?” asked his friend. “In the spring,” replied Coward. “With the swallows.”


I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me.

~Noël Coward

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Biographical Note: 

Coward was a British playwright and actor. He is famous for his witty and sophisticated comedies of high-society life, including Hay Fever (1925), Private Lives (1930), and Blithe Spirit (1941). Noël Coward virtually invented the concept of Englishness for the 20th Century. An astounding polymath — dramatist, actor, writer, composer, lyricist, painter and wit — he was defined by his Englishness as much as he defined it. He was indeed the first Brit Pop star, the first ambassador of “cool Britannia.” Even before his plays became famous, his fans were hanging out of their scarves over the theatre balcony, imitating their idol’s dress, and repeating ëlism’ with glee.