Raimundo Montecúccoli


Raimundo Montecúccoli


Montecúccoli, a Roman Catholic (and ordinarily pious) general, had dutifully ordered an omelet for his dinner one Friday. Being exceptionally hungry, however, he decided that there would be no harm in having a little ham sliced up in it. Just as the dish was set in front of him, an exceptionally loud clap of thunder announced the start of a storm. Without a word, the general strode to the window, opened it, and threw out the omelet. Looking up toward the source of the thunder, he exclaimed petulantly, “Voilà bien du bruit, pour une omelette au jambon!” (What a lot of fuss over a mere ham omelet!)


Discuss your plans with many, decide on them with few, or by yourself.

~Raimondo Montecúccoli
Biographical Note: 

Raimondo, Count of Montecúccoli was an Austrian general. He fought against the Turks in the Thirty Years’ War (1618–48) and was given command of the imperial army in the war against France (1672–75). For his services in the latter he was created Duke of Melfi.

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Painting of Montecuccoli by Elias Grießler (1622–1682).