Red Skelton


Red Skelton


In 1951, Red Skelton and a party of friends flew to Europe, where Skelton was to appear at the London Palladium. As they were flying over the Swiss Alps, three of the airplane’s engines failed. The situation looked very grave and the passengers began to pray. Skelton went into one of his best comic routines to distract them from the emergency as the plane lost altitude, coming closer and closer to the ominous-looking mountains. At the last moment, the pilot spied a large field among the precipitous slopes and made a perfect landing. Skelton broke the relieved silence by saying, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, you may return to all the evil habits you gave up twenty minutes ago.”

Gent by Red Skelton
Biographical Note: 

Red (Richard) Skelton was a U.S. comedian and artist. Red Skelton painted for years and his artwork took many forms, such as still lifes and landscapes. However, it has been his clowns that have had the widest appeal (see right).