Salvador Dalí


Salvador Dalí

Anecdote 1...

Dalí once took his pet ocelot with him to a New York restaurant and tethered it to a leg of the table while he ordered coffee. A middle-aged lady walked past and looked at the animal in horror. “What’s that?” she cried. “It’s only a cat,” said Dalí scathingly. “I’ve painted it over with an op-art design.” The woman, embarrassed by her initial reaction, took a closer look and sighed with relief. “I can see now that’s what it is,” she said. “At first I thought it was a real ocelot.”  

Anecdote 2...

Dalí had bought a castle in Spain for his wife, Gala. In one of the rooms there was a rather obtrusive radiator, and Gala asked her husband if he would paint a screen for it. Dalí obliged with what he later called “Le more realistic of my paintings” — a picture of the radiator itself.
Biographical Note: 

Salvador Dalí was a Spanish surrealist painter, writer, and member of the surrealist movement. Dalí’s paintings are characterized by meticulous draftsmanship and realistic detail, with brilliant colors heightened by transparent glazes. Dalí designed and produced surrealist films, illustrated books, handcrafted jewelry, and created theatrical sets and costumes. Among his writings are ballet scenarios and several books. Dalí lived as an ascetic at the Chateau de Púbol and in the Museum of Figeras after the death of his wife, Gala, in 1982 and died on January 23rd, 1989.

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