Sir Edgeworth David


Sir Edgeworth David


During the South Polar expedition, Sir Edgeworth’s assistant, Douglas Mawson, was working in his tent one day when he heard a muffled cry from outside. “Are you very busy?” called the voice, which Mawson recognized as that of Sir Edgeworth.

“Yes I am,” he replied. “What’s the matter?”

“Are you really very busy?”

“Yes,” snapped Mawson, losing his patience. “What is it you want?”

After a moment’s silence, David replied apologetically, “Well, I’m down a crevasse, and I don’t think I can hang on much longer.”

Biographical Note: 

Sir Edgeworth David was an Australian geologist and explorer. He accompanied Ernest Zhackleton on his expedition to the South Pole (1907–09).

of Alistair Mackay, Sir Edgeworth David, and Douglas Mawson at the Magnetic South Pole (1909).