W. Somerset Maugham


W. Somerset Maugham


Unable to take his Spanish royalties out of the country, Maugham decided to use the money to pay for a luxury holiday there. He chose one of the best hotels and dined extravagantly every evening, until he felt satisfied that he had spent most of the accumulated sum. He informed the manager that he would be leaving the following day, and asked for his bill. The manager beamed at his distinguished guest. “It has been an honor having you here,” he replied. “You have brought much good publicity to us. Therefore, there is no bill.”


The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.

~William Somerset Maugham

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Biographical Note: 

W. Somerset Maugham was a British novelist and playwright. His successes included Of Human Bondage [1916], later made into a motion picture. His comedies were immensely popular.