William Howard Taft


William Howard Taft

Anecdote 1...

On one occasion Taft, stranded at a small country railroad station, was informed that the express train would stop only if a number of people wanted to board it. Taft wired the conductor: “Stop at Hicksville. Large party waiting to catch train.” When the train stopped, Taft boarded and reassured the confused conductor: “You can go ahead. I am the large party.”


Failure to accord credit to anyone for what he may have done is a great weakness in any man.

~William Howard Taft

Anecdote 2...

At Beverly Bay, Massachusetts, clad in a vast bathing suit, Taft plunged into the waves and was disporting himself in the water when one of his neighbors suggested to a friend that they also should go for a swim. “Better wait,” the friend replied. “The president is using the ocean.”

Biographical Note: 

William Howard Taft was the 27th president of the United States (1909-13) and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1921-30). His obesity occasioned many anecdotes.