William Paton Ker


William Paton Ker

Anecdote 1...

Visiting a natural history museum, Ker and a young woman acquaintance paused in front of a display of seabirds. “What’s that bird?” asked the girl.

“That’s a .”

“That’s not my idea of a guillemot.”

“It’s God’s idea of a guillemot,” said Ker.

Anecdote 2...

William P. KerAn energetic walker and lover of mountain scenery, Ker revisited the Italian Alps in 1923. Walking up the slopes of the Pizzo Bianco at , he paused to remark to his companions, “I thought this was the most beautiful spot in the world, and now I know it.” So saying, he dropped dead of a heart attack.
Biographical Note: 

William Paton Ker was a British scholar and professor of English at University College, London (1889-1922). Ker’s most important work was in the field of medieval poetry, and his wide knowledge of European literatures is seen in such works as Epic and Romance (1897).