Roesel's Bush-Cricket
The Cricket Thermometer

  • If you hear a cricket chirping and you have a watch, you can estimate the temperature where the cricket is. If you can hear more than one, you can tell whether they are experiencing different temperatures.
  • To calculate the “cricket temperature,” count the number of chirps in a 14-second period. Add forty to the result, and you have a rough estimate of the Fahrenheit temperature of the cricket.
  • This method works best with the snowy tree cricket, whose song sounds like gently ringing sleigh bells. Depending on the species of cricket, you might have to adjust the counting time by one or two seconds, up or down.
  • Why does it work? Because crickets are cold-blooded creatures, the rate of their metabolism is strictly determined by temperature. The warmer it is, the faster they move and the faster they chirp. The same method would work equally well with other insects if they had the regular chirping habits of crickets.