Handy Q&A

Q. Casey Stengel of baseball fame studied dentistry. Why’d he quit?

A. He was a left-hander, and left-handers had trouble learning to handle the dental instruments available in those early years. Some did it, but none did it easily. Stengel went to Western Dental College in Kansas City, Mo.

Q. “Which four fingers do typists use most?”

A. Right thumb, first finger of the right hand, first finger of the left, second finger of the left. In that order. These do 63 percent of the work.

Q. Why aren’t left-handers allowed to play professional jai-alai?

A. Their spin on the ball is too dangerous.

Q. “Sixty percent of the strokes on an ordinary typewriter are made with the left hand. Is that true of computer keyboards?”

A. Not anymore. Early keyboards were even leftier, but improved designs have pretty much evened up the work. And they give you choices.