Ice Cream Q&A

Q. What makes French vanilla ice cream different from plain vanilla?

A. Egg yolk.

Q. Can you explain why New Englanders eat almost twice as much ice cream as people in other places around the country?

A. Best guess links it to all the college and university students thereabouts. You’ll note the statisticians indicate beer drinking is mighty high there, too.

Q. Where and when did Eskimo Pie get its start as the “I-Scream-Bar”?

A. In Onawa, 1919. Same year Kellogg’s All-Bran first come out. And the old General Motors company came up with the name “Frigidaire.”

Q. Wasn’t carbonated water once outlawed as “an intoxicating beverage”?

A. Was indeed. On Sundays in many places. In the 1890s. That, in fact, was what led to the invention of the ice-cream sundae. To comply with such laws, drugstore operators just left the soda out of the ice-cream soda for the Sunday trade.