The Bow Tie

Bow Tie

Two guys are driving along an outback road and then they drive into this small country town, driving past the local town hall they notice that there is a B&S (bachelor and spinster) ball on. Deciding that they’d like to go in and try their luck with the local ladies they parked their car a few blocks away and then had a look to see what they had in the way of formal clothes in their bags.

They both managed to find a pair of half decent black pants, black shoes, and a white shirt. There was a problem though as only one of the guys had brought a bow tie. Granted, it was a little beaten up, but it would still do. Not really having any other options they decided to try and get past the bouncers with one of the guys missing a bow tie. They went up to the door and immediately the bouncer stopped them and said: “Sorry, mate, you can’t go in... you need a bow tie,” and then told them to get lost.

They went back to the car and tried to find something that they could use as a bow tie. After much looking they decided to use a jumper lead for the car, wrapping it around the guy’s neck and making a bow out of it. They then proceeded back to the hall and approached the same bouncer. This time he said “Oh, I don’t know if can let you in dressed like that.”

The guy wearing the jumper lead as a bow tie said: “Come on, I am only in town for the night and we are just looking for a good time.”

So the bouncer said. “OK...I’ll let you in....just don’t START anything!”