Caesar the Bull

Caesar the bull

A Wyoming rancher had a bull named Caesar who was getting old. So he decided to sell him on the auction market. The only problem was that the nearest railroad was miles away and across a river that hadn’t yet been bridged.

Since Caesar had grown somewhat crotchety in his old age the rancher organized a crew of three men that he sent off with his ranch foreman to lead Caesar to the railroad line. After two days of travel Caesar and the crew arrived at the river near the market town. The tired crew members suggested to their foreman that they be allowed to relax and fish awhile before catching the ferryboat.

“What shall we do with Caesar while you fish?” asked the foreman.

The men replied, “Oh, he can just graze on this lush grass along the river.”

After a long period of thought the foreman decreed:

We came to ferry Ceasar, not to graze him!