Greetings from the Zoo

gorilla at the zoo

An unemployed actor is getting pretty desperate for work. He happens upon this guy from the zoo who is looking for actors. The guy explains that they spent so much money on getting the habitat just right, they ran out of money to import the ape they wanted. To save face they want to hire the actor to be that ape. Although the actor thinks this is pretty stupid, he takes the job anyway.

The first few days, the actor just sits there thinking he doesn’t look real and that no one is stupid enough to fall for this stunt. He gets bored and decides to walk around and examine his little cage. With this, he notices that people are watching his every move. He decides to give them a show. After a couple of weeks, he’s swinging on the poles and dancing around making a lot of gorilla noises and is drawing quite a crowd.

One day he’s showing off for a group of kids. He is swinging around and around a pole when all of a sudden, his hand slips and he goes flying over the cage wall and right into the lion’s cage. Immediately, the lion gets up and walks towards him.

The actor backs up as far as he can, and screams his lungs out. “HELP ME! HELP ME!”

“Shut up, you idiot!” the lion whispers, “You’ll get us all fired.”