Popular Joe

Joe and the Pope

Two guys were sitting at a bar when one says to the other:

“Frank, I tell you, I know EVERYBODY!” says Joe.

“I’ll bet you $1000 that you don’t know Tom Hanks.” Frank replies.

“You’re on.” Joe declares.

The two men hopped on a plane and flew down to Hollywood where they took a cab out to Tom Hanks’ home. Joe rang the doorbell and Tom Hanks answered it and soon Joe and Tom were talking about old times.

Frank paid Joe his money and said “Ok, but I bet you don’t know the Pope!”

Joe just smiled and said “Let’s go!”

So Frank and Joe flew to the Vatican where thousands of people were waiting for the Pope to appear and bless them.

Joe said “Listen, I’ll go inside, and when the Pope comes out to bless the people, I’ll come out with him.” Frank agreed and Joe entered the building. About five minutes later, the doors to the balcony opened and the Pope stepped out and sure enough, Joe was right there with him. Upon returning to Frank, Joe found him lying flat on his back.

“Frank, what happened?” Joe asked.

“Well it wasn’t so bad when you came out with the Pope, but I guess I fainted after hearing the nun next to me asking ‘Who’s that up there with Joe?’ ” Frank replied.