Proofreader’s “Marcks”

pencil writing stet

Humorous take on proofreader’s marks, plus a few additions that I would definitely have used during my proofreading days.

Close up Close up   Boldfaced lie Boldfaced lie
Go home Close up and go home Take off your cap Take off your cap
Take out Take out Take off your stetson Take off your stetson
Eat here Eat here South Carolina South Carolina
Campgrounds, next exit Campgrounds, next exit Southern Pacific Southern Pacific
Move left Move to left Editor sharpening pencil Editor sharpening pencil
Move right Move to right Query author Query author
Stand up Stand up Tell author what you think of him Tell author what you think of him
Sit down Sit down Challenge author to tic-tac-toe Challenge author to tic-tac-toe
Fight, fight, fight Fight, fight, fight Straighten out author Straighten out author
Insert barking dog Insert barking dog Push down letter Push down letter
Bad letter Bad letter Push author off cliff Push author off cliff
Very bad letter Very bad letter Throw ms. in trash Throw ms. in trash
Send letter to bed without supper Send letter to bed without supper Delete reference to vegetable Delete reference to vegetable