The V.I.P. and the C.H.P.

Pope driving

The Pope was on a visit to California, but the regular Papal vehicle was under repairs so a vehicle was rented. A sporty car was chosen because, without the safety features of the Papal vehicle, they decided it would be better to have a vehicle that could travel fast if needed.

It had been many years since the Pope had driven, but after watching the chauffeur enjoying himself driving the car, the Pope asked if he could give it a try. The chauffeur wasn’t about to deny the Pope that, or any other request, so he let the Pope take the wheel. Having been away from driving for so long, the Pope’s driving was erratic and he was eventually pulled over by a California Highway Patrol.

After realizing who was driving the vehicle, the officer decided to call his sergeant to ask what he should do.

“I have pulled over someone very, very important and I’m not sure how I should proceed,” the officer said.

“Who is it?” the sergeant asked. “A politician, a movie star, or what?”

The officer replied, “Well I’m not sure. But he must be really important because the Pope is his chauffeur!!!”