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X Marks the Spot

Two fishermen, Mario and Luigi, have been fishing all week but haven’t caught anything. They decide to spend the last day of the week playing cards and letting the boat drift with the current. Suddenly, Luigi feels a jerk on his line and, sure enough, there’s a huge fish on the other end. The same thing happens to Mario and before you know it, they’ve caught more fish than they could ever have imagined. As the sun sets, they turn the boat around and head for shore, happy about their good fortune. When they’re about halfway home, Mario turns to Luigi and sadly asks, “Luigi, that was a wonderful place to fish, but how are we ever gonna find it again?”

“Don’t worry,” says Luigi. “While you were reeling in that last fish, I painted a big X on the side of the boat!”

“How stupid can you be?” screams Mario. “What if we don’t get the same boat tomorrow?”